dustin1Dustin”, a college student in one of Manila’s prestigious schools, loved going out with his friends, but his 335-pound body frame was a sure attraction for curious onlookers. Because of his huge physical appearance, he oftentimes felt insecure in social gatherings and hated the glaring and sneering looks of strangers.

“I came from a family of slim people and my friends were puzzled why I’m so big,” said Dustin.

Dustin started being conscious about his size as early as his pre-school days. He was plumper than children his age and regarded as “cute” by his relatives and playmates.

Before - 152 kgDustin“I had a voracious appetite and I ate everything in big quantities as early as my childhood days. That’s probably the reason why I became obese,” admitted Dustin.

It was in college days when Dustin became wary of his condition. He became conscious of his physical appearance and was always the center of attraction in social events.

“I felt the urgency to do something about my condition two years ago. I wanted to be healthy and free of prejudice and discrimination. With my parents, I went to St. Luke’s Medical Center to consult Dr. Edward Oliveros,” said Dustin.

dustin3Dustin was classified as “Super Obese”, meaning being 207 pounds excess in weight. He went through the pre-requisite battery of laboratory examinations and consultations with specialists from cardiology, pulmonary, endocrine, and psychiatry.

“Dr. Oliveros educated me on the nature of my obesity and it’s consequences. The need for bariatric surgery was explained thoroughly. This stage was very important as it made me fell safe, secure, and confident in changing my life for the better. Since I was in denial, it took me 1 year to prepare psychologically for the surgery. I had my bariatric surgery and I have never looked back,” said Dustin. 


dustin4From an obese young adult with a weight of 335 pounds and BMI of 58.3 (normal being 18-24), Dustin is now 156 pounds with a BMI of 27. Total weight loss in 2 years is 179 pounds.

After - 71 kgDustin“St. Luke’s Medical Center has been my family’s hospital ever since. The facilities here are excellent and the doctors are professional and friendly. In fact, it isn’t like a hospital to me but more like a hotel”. “I now feel like a whole new person. I can now do many things I felt constrained to do before. I have greater confidence in myself and my self-esteem is at a peak. More importantly, I can look forward to a healthy life,” said Dustin.